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amanda-playgroundHerCanberra is a website for women of the Canberra region. Featuring the voices of local writers, the website posts daily about topics of interest to the Capital’s female population.

From ‘what’s on’ to reviews of places to eat; social commentary to health and fitness; beauty and nutrition to books and movies; fashion and motherhood to recipes and home style; if it’s part of ‘her’ life you’ll find it on HerCanberra.

If you want to know who’s behind it, well that would be me. I’m Amanda Whitley – these days, I manage HerCanberra in any ‘spare time’ that’s not spent wrangling two gorgeous little girls, instructing or doing Zumba, or eating. I’ve also done everything from present the tv news to operate a stop and go sign.


Some wonderful Canberra women have volunteered to contribute their time and wit to HerCanberra in their various areas of expertise. Because, really, it’d be pretty boring if it was just me. We have social commentators, culinary whizzes, home and style gurus, fashion magicians, a beauty and make up genius, health and fitness experts, a movie buff, a voracious book reader and reviewer, a business and technology expert..and so many more! And they’re all amazingly talented local women. Learn more about them by reading the bios under each of their posts.

Meanwhile, if YOU’RE interested in contributing – whether that’s by profiling your neighbourhood, sharing an opinion, event or a recipe, just drop me a line at .

Unfortunately, at the moment,  I can’t offer you anything other than my undying gratitude and the chance to see your words online…unless HerCanberra becomes the Next Big Thing and then superstardom is a given…

Growing the HerCanberra community

One one of my biggest aims for HerCanberra is to provide a virtual community for local women…I want visiting the site to be kind of like catching up for coffee with a group of friends, where you talk about what’s in the news, good places to eat, swap recipes, talk about family and friends, share fashion and beauty tips, opinions on books and movies, and much more.

I want to share local knowledge and encourage readers to do the same…what’s on this weekend, where the kid-friendly restaurants are or where’s the best place to take your honey on Valentine’s Day. I want to shine a spotlight on our various neighbourhoods and the businesses within them – the restaurants, the butchers and grocers, hairdressers and beauty therapists, fashion and homewares shops, etc etc! It’s all about discovering all Canberra has to offer women like us.

I want to give local women a place to connect and, if they want to, extend that into ‘real life’ friendships. From personal experience, I know that Canberra can sometimes be a hard place to meet people and that sometimes our life circumstances can be isolating…for many of us, moving from the workforce into being a Stay At Home Mum or Work At Home Mum or just moving cities can be quite lonely, and being able to connect on an intellectual, social and emotional level online can make a huge difference.

I want to engage you in discussion on issues relevant to us both on a local level and much broader – I want HerCanberra to be a place where we can have stimulating conversations and thought-provoking debates. Other times, I want you to laugh, or to nod your head in familiarity, as I share the funny and frustrating things that make up everyday life in Canberra.

I want HerCanberra to be as diverse as our Canberra women. I hope that women in their 20s will find the content as interesting as those in their 40s…I want single women to feel at home as much as mums…no matter where you are in life, I want HerCanberra to be a place you visit often.

I also want this to be a website which boasts many diverse voices – please join the conversation when ever the mood strikes you. I can guarantee that, while we may not always agree, there will always be respect…

Hope to see you around soon…either here or on Facebook or Twitter…or listen in to Radio 2CC at 6:45am each Tuesday to hear what’s on our minds!

Welcome to the HerCanberra community!